Mobile Bartender Business Card Tips

Bartender Business Cards are a must for your Mobile Bartending business. Your business card will serve as a catalyst for Word-of-Mouth Advertising and Referral Marketing. If you are interested in the exciting opportunities that await bartending private events, weddings, corporate parties and more, you need start with creating the right business card.

You can make your bartender business card using a photo editing software program like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. (NOTE: you can download free 30 day trials on their websites) If you buy some business card templates, expect to pay a bit more. If you can’t make of your own, hire someone to do it for you. Find that friend who is a graphic designer to help you out. Have him create a logo and a design for you.

Please remember when creating a template or design for your mobile bartender business: Make It Attractive. It needs to have that “WOW” factor. Great quality and professional design are important. People will form their 1st impression of you and your business based solely on your card. If your it looks dull, that will mean the same to your bartender business.

Next, promoting yourself is a must in this business. Your biz card is the first step in self-promotion. Using it, you can easily hand them to people you have just met at a party or networking event. Imagine you are at an event that you are bartending at: every guest there is a potential client. Introduce yourself, build rapport with them and hand them a card. But most importantly, tell them, “If you know of anyone who is having a party and needs a bartender, let me know!”

I also recommend having some of your bartender business cards displayed nicely on your bar. You may be to busy to interact with guests and they can simply pick up a card and take it themselves.

Your goal is really to pass your card out to as many people as possible-especially while you are “on the job” bartending other events. When people see you in action, they will be more inclined to hire you because they know you are good! Your bartender business card; don’t leave home without it!

How to Promote Your Children’s Book – 13 Tips to Make Your Book a Bestseller

Congratulations! You have published a children’s book. Now, comes the next and most important step- Promotion. Children are loyal readers but difficult to interest initially. This article includes sites for promotion of children’s and young adult books.

1) EzineArticles- This is a site where you can write articles on almost everything. Include the link to your book (buying page) and your site in the author SIG box to drive traffic. E how and other sites that are similar can also be considered a promotion tool.

2) Bookmarket- This is a page that advises you how to go about with promotion. John Kremer’s 1001 ways to promote you book is a great resource for all authors. Writer’s Digest’s Children’s writer’s and illustrator’s market provides a list of publishers and some advice on writing books.

3) Reviews- Reviews are a great way to promote your book. Send requests to all blogs and sites big or small for giveaways, reviews and interviews. It helps your book a lot.

4) Readings- Read your book in a local children’s library or donate one to a school. You can leave books in all the

places children go to.

5) Podcast and trailer- A trailer promotes a book well. A podcast is the solution for all those children who are too lazy to read.

6) Script- Usually, scriptwriting is considered completely different from a novel. Most famous books get made into movies and radio shows. However, you can use this move to promote your book in the first place. BBC and other broadcasters accept manuscripts. However, getting one accepted can be difficult. Many scriptwriting contests are also open for amateur writers. Children like watching television.

7) Testimonials- Testimonials by famous people can help your book.

8) Press release- This is a great way to get children to know that your book is out. This works better for books aimed at older audience. Announce the release of your book in s magazine or newspaper targeted at children. This may cost money. Another way could be becoming a writer for a children’s magazine or doing interviews to promote your book.

9) Flyers, posters etc.- These cost money to print but can be effective especially where children are concerned.

10) Advertising on websites- Advertising on websites that have content featured in your book or similar content will help boost sales. Advertising on television is the best way to capture kids’ attention but this is very expensive and kids may not like to see a book advertisement.

11) Be included in children’s book catalogues.

12) Awards- Website awards or literary awards can help boost book sales. This is again a difficult thing as literary awards have strict criteria for selection. Many librarians prefer to buy books that are award winners. This also gives the book more exposure.

13) Befriend librarians- A lot of children get into the habit of reading books available in their library. For kids below the age of twelve, their school library is their door to the world of books. Be sure to have your books stocked in local school libraries and even public ones. Children don’t have much spending capacity but if they try out one of your free books and like it, there are chances that they might buy others.

Usually, I would recommend social networking but it is futile if your books are aimed at kids below the age of twelve. Promote on teacher’s websites and student websites. Recommend it for any class read or book weeks. Try to influence the people and schools around you as much as possible. Websites are not very useful where kids are concerned because most of their internet viewing is censored. That’s why I don’t recommend e books for them either. YA audience are more open to e books and are more influenced by the internet. Also, while cost is very important it is not a very big role playing factor in children’s books when compared with books for adults.

All the best with marketing!

MySpace CPA Marketing Tips

Cost per action marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing on the internet today. You have many programs that are willing to pay you just to refer people to their site. However, it’s kind of difficult to find networks out there that are willing to accept you as their affiliate. That is why you only need to join three specific networks;, and These are three of the best on the internet.

After you have been accepted by a CPA network out there, you now need to choose a program that will enable you to promote them freely without much restriction. Believe or not, there programs that hold you by the collar when it comes to allowing affiliates to promote their programs around the internet.

When it comes to online promoting, usually these programs don’t have any issues with you promoting them on MySpace. They might have a small problem when it comes to other social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, but they generally don’t have much beef with MySpace.

None the less, it is always wise to check with the programs terms of use so you don’t do the wrong things and not know that you are doing something wrong. If you are going to promote on MySpace, you will need to take some time and utilize certain tools and take some measures in order for you to maximize on the platform.

The first thing you will need to do is get your account phone verified. This will get rid of all the captchas that you see when trying to add friends or send messages. You have to use a major carrier like AT&T, Verizon, etc. They will not accept any prepaid phones.

After verifying your number, you now need to use software that will enable you to add multiple friends at one time. One good resource is friend blaster pro. This is a wonderful tool to use. You can ask the software to find a particular group of people based on zip code, occupation, and even religious views. Once you find your criteria, you can just push a button and then watch the friends start coming in. The other beneficial feature of this software is the ability to add unlimited friends, or add a certain amount of friends on a daily basis.

This is basically all you need in order to maximize on MySpace. Once you add the amount of people you need in your friends list, you can then start referring people to the CPA programs you have joined. From my personal experience, it takes around ten thousand friends in order for you to really maximize your marketing efforts.

Essential Tips to Get Your Website Quickly Indexed in Google

Whenever we create a new website, our prime target is to get indexed by Google as soon as possible. Though there is no time guarantee as when your site will be indexed by the search engine, but there are certain steps that can help you to avoid the worst case scenario and get the search engines working for you. According to Google, crawling and indexing are processes that may take time and often rely on various factors. Predictions and guarantees cannot be made as when the URL will be indexed.

So, in this article, we will take up some factors that should be considered for quick indexing of your site in Google.

Understand what is indexing

Most of you may not be aware of the term indexing. In SEO, it refers to the search engines that keep a record of the web pages of your site. When the search engine bots starts to crawl your site based on index and no index meta tags, it continues to add pages with index tags. In simple words, it is the spider’s way of processing and gathering the data from the pages during its crawl, which helps to improve your search results. The spider notes the new changes and documents and adds them to the searchable index that Google maintains. Google’s algorithm goes to work and decides where to rank the page among all others based on the keywords.

Enter your URL on the Google’s URL submission page:

Once your new website or pages are created, you can visit Google’s Submit URL page and then type the URL in the box, check the captcha and hit the Submit Request button. But for this, you need to create an account on webmaster tools by using your Google account. Once it is done, you can wait for your website pages to get indexed on Google.

Create a sitemap of your site:

The next thing that you should consider is to create an XML file that stores all the links and the pages of your site so that it helps the crawlers of Google to quickly find your whole website. Whenever there are any updates or you create a blog on your site, include the link of the HTML site map on every page so that the search engine bot can index your site even if it starts from any corner of your site.

Use Google Search Console to track your site:

Google often recommends logging its Search Console once a month to check if there are any errors or dips in traffic. The site offers a variety of indexing-related tools and you will be able to confirm if Google is able to access your pages or not. You can even notify the search engine for a domain change or any changes in the address and even issue urgent blocks on your content that you want to take out off your site.

Use Robots.txt

In case you are not a developer or a coder, you might have seen a file, robots.txt in your domain files. This is a plain text file that resides in the root directory of your domain. It gives strict instruction to the spiders of the search engine about which pages they can crawl and index. When the spiders find a new domain or a file, they read the instructions before taking any action. So, your first step for your new site is to confirm that the site has a robots.txt file. This can be done by checking the FTP or by clicking on the File Manager via the CPanel.

Submit your site to blog directories:

This is another means of getting your site indexed very quickly on Google. Most blog directories allow submission of your site’s content for free. They also give links and traffic. Also ensure to create social media profiles and use sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and etc. to create pages for your site and submit any new posts regularly on them.