Mobile Bartender Business Card Tips

Bartender Business Cards are a must for your Mobile Bartending business. Your business card will serve as a catalyst for Word-of-Mouth Advertising and Referral Marketing. If you are interested in the exciting opportunities that await bartending private events, weddings, corporate parties and more, you need start with creating the right business card.

You can make your bartender business card using a photo editing software program like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. (NOTE: you can download free 30 day trials on their websites) If you buy some business card templates, expect to pay a bit more. If you can’t make of your own, hire someone to do it for you. Find that friend who is a graphic designer to help you out. Have him create a logo and a design for you.

Please remember when creating a template or design for your mobile bartender business: Make It Attractive. It needs to have that “WOW” factor. Great quality and professional design are important. People will form their 1st impression of you and your business based solely on your card. If your it looks dull, that will mean the same to your bartender business.

Next, promoting yourself is a must in this business. Your biz card is the first step in self-promotion. Using it, you can easily hand them to people you have just met at a party or networking event. Imagine you are at an event that you are bartending at: every guest there is a potential client. Introduce yourself, build rapport with them and hand them a card. But most importantly, tell them, “If you know of anyone who is having a party and needs a bartender, let me know!”

I also recommend having some of your bartender business cards displayed nicely on your bar. You may be to busy to interact with guests and they can simply pick up a card and take it themselves.

Your goal is really to pass your card out to as many people as possible-especially while you are “on the job” bartending other events. When people see you in action, they will be more inclined to hire you because they know you are good! Your bartender business card; don’t leave home without it!

The Role of Advertising for a Firm’s Success

It is crucial to realize that regardless of the size and resources of a firm, advertising needs to be given its due importance. This is because advertising, marketing and promotion are an inherent part of any firm’s success. There are various ways of embarking on an advertising campaign and there is no need to spend a fortune. The key is to choose the right methods and to plan well.

First of all, it is important to set a budget. This is because you can better plan what you can and cannot accomplish. It is obvious that an ad on TV during peak time is much more expensive than posting an ad in a newspaper or magazine. However, the impact will also be different. This is why it is important to budget in order to see what bang is available for your personal buck.

Furthermore, one should try to consider different methods, and often it is a good idea to use more than one promotional method simultaneously. There are several mediums you can choose from. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, leaflets and fliers are just a few.

The key is to deliver the message properly no matter the medium you choose to use. It is important to clearly establish what population of people your business deals with. You have to delineate your line of business, and your products or services. There is often not room to mention specific prices, so you may wish to mention just one or two special offers so as to persuade prospective clients to make an inquiry.

A main part of the ad has to be taken up by the contact details of the business. Nowadays, many people place a lot of importance on making an online search prior to making a purchase. This is why it is best that your business also has a website. After all, a web presence is a major way of promoting your business.

Apart from having a well laid out site, it is also important that it is as informative as possible. Customer interaction is also important. Bear in mind that it is normal for customers to post comments and reviews online, and you would definitely want such posts to be positive ones.

Advertising is ultimately all about establishing a presence on the market. You have to target niche customers and make an impact on them, so as to encourage them to try out your product or service. There are many companies competing, so you have to use methods which make you gain a competitive advantage over them. This will have a direct effect on your firm’s success as these promotional techniques all go hand in hand to help your firm increase customers, sales and ultimately profits and long-term success.

Increasing Website Traffic, With Quality Context


Review the website for quality content. The information should be presented in simple, concise and practical language, with particular attention paid to good grammar and correct spelling. Ensure that the navigation is simple.

Your website branding, appearance and usability are a reflection of your business, so make sure to have good design and strong functionality.


It is good business to provide a way for customers to contact you, either by phone, email, or through a contact form. Have processes in place to respond to inquiries when customers contact you. Make sure that orders are filled properly and promptly, with the least possible inconvenience to the customer.

Here is a look at where website visitors come from and how to maximize each traffic channel:

Direct visitors – These are people who type in your domain name and go directly to your website. Three key tactics are regularly used to increase direct visitor traffic:

Memorable domain names – Choosing the right domain name to represent your business online can have a significant impact on visitor traffic. An existing business should generally try to use an established name as its domain name. For example, Joe’s Beach Pails should obtain a domain name such as or By doing so, Joe is taking advantage of the branding that his company has achieved. People who are already familiar with the real world Joe’s Beach Pails company will easily remember the domain name, which will make locating the website more intuitive.

Offline advertising and promotion – Business cards, postcards, traditional direct mail, newspaper ads, flyers, giveaways and brochures that feature a domain name are all excellent ways to promote a website. A good marketing campaign will use a combination of offline advertising techniques to direct a potential customer to your website where you can display more detailed sales information and encourage the visitor to make contact or to buy.

Viral marketing – The premise of viral marketing is that there is nothing quite as valuable as a friend’s referral. On the Internet it is quick and easy to let someone know about a great website, company or product. Like a virus, a good idea can be spread at an incredible rate, passing from person to person and steadily increasing awareness of your website. By turning your own customers into sales agents, your business can implement viral marketing as an effective, inexpensive promotional tool.

Visitors who find you through search engines – Most people find websites through the help of a search engine or directory, so it is important that your website be properly listed and accessible to users.

Search engine services: Since listing a website can sometimes be a complicated process, you may find it easier to hire a business that specializes in search engine submission and website optimization. When you do, it is a good idea to check into the business’ deliverables, follow-up services, customer service and track record.

Paid ads – All major search engines and directories offer a range of advertising options to suit every budget and every type of marketing campaign. Here’s an overview of some of the options that are available:

Buying a higher ranking position – Search engines will provide your business with a higher ranking position if you buy a search term. For example, the term “fishing” may be bought by B’s Fishing Store. When a visitor searches for the term “fishing”, B’s listing will appear at the top of the list, but will be identified as a paid listing.

Pay-per-click ads – Some search engines and websites offer an advertising option in which you are only charged for the actual number of clicks to your website. For example, when a visitor searches on the term “fishing”, the ad and the link to B’s Fishing Store website is displayed. If the visitor actually clicks on it, then B’s Fishing Store will be billed.

Banner ads – Many sites offer banner advertising. You can negotiate various deals and models. Banner ads can be set to display based on the demographics or behavioural characteristics of the visitor (such as last few sites viewed) which are tracked through the visitor’s browser cookies. Banner ads are often designed in multiple versions and then tested online to see which ones are most effective.

Linked visitors – By its nature the Internet connects people with other people and businesses, and encourages cross-linking and cross-integration. To drive more traffic to your website, it makes sense to have as many other websites as possible link back to yours. Many search engines also use the number and quality of links directing people back to your website when calculating the ranking position: the more quality links, the higher the position. Note, however, that paid links won’t impact your ranking; only organic (free) ones will.

Depending on the type of website you have, you will have different linking strategies available to you. A website rich in content will be a more valued link than a business website that simply promotes its own product. There are various opportunities to explore.

Free links – Sources of potential free links include:

Clubs, organizations, and business affiliations to which you belong

Partners, suppliers, resellers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers

Niche business directories, government directories or non-profit organization sites

Paid links – Some of the same sources as above, plus:

Industry magazines, directories, news sites

Local government or business associations

Resource websites, online malls, search terms, retail directories

Banner/display advertising – This is available on a vast range of websites from search engines to portals to industry-specific websites. When planning a banner advertising campaign, you need a significant budget in order to sustain the ad strategy. One benefit of banner advertising is that the creative aspect can be tested while the campaign is still running and extensive data can be collected to measure the success of the campaign. The results can be used to adjust the design or the placement of the ads throughout the campaign.

Improving ranking

Improving visibility is known as search engine optimization, and you can do this as you create your content.

While each search engine uses its own algorithm for ranking, they each examine headings and descriptions. It is therefore wise to focus your energy in these areas.

Tips to improve ranking

Use reader-friendly words over industry terms

Write descriptions that attract readers and that represent your website

Link to reputable, complementary businesses and have them link to your website

Incorporate keywords, but remember that keyword flooding can lower your ranking

Submit your website to topic-specific and audience-specific directories

Limit your use of images and graphs; consider supplementing with plain text links

Promote your website and give readers a reason to visit it

Once your website’s ranking has improved, keep it that way by reviewing these steps on a regular basis and making changes to your site when needed.

Thank you for reading

Starting a Business – Making Money Online – Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Everyone starting a business making money online is asking two very critical questions… How do I START a business?” and “How do I PROMOTE a business?”

Two simple questions… yet there seems to be a million different answers or opinions. The answer or opinion will be based on the type on program or business you are promoting. Some will tell you what to do but very few tell the how. Explaining how to get it done is more important than the “what.” If they never provide you with an explanation, then you never know if they realize what the answer may be- they’re simply selling you a product.

Regardless of the product or service you are selling … or even if it’s your own site or someone else’s (like an affiliate program) – we all need traffic each and every day or we won’t have sales and revenue.

It’s as simple as that!

Starting a Business

The decision to start a business making money online should not be made hastily. As with any investment or endeavor, you must do you research and due diligence on each product or program you encounter. There are as many offers as there are people looking for them, but don’t sign-up for the first promise of “the opportunity” or some magical way to put hundreds a day in your account. These are only benefits the seller and a few marketers at the top. This is going to be a big waste of your money and even worse, you’re a great deal of your time.

You can open your email and find tens or hundreds of such campaigns every week. There are opportunities for affiliates, network marketing, MLM, and other programs, or products. However, the scammers out-number the legitimate businesses 5 or 6 to 1.

Resource Example

“A Shocking 81.6% Were Found To Be Scams! 81.6% of the websites (141 out of the 173) ranked so low in our evaluation (an SRA Overall Value below 65%) that they were labeled as scams, i.e. absolutely not recommended. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Our evaluation committee is putting together an extensive SRA findings report, which we plan to soon publish to expose the real extent of work at home scams and frauds on the internet.

What’s the reality? The reality is that the hopes and dreams of honest people trying to make a better life for themselves are being preyed upon and shattered, day-in and day-out. Our latest findings indicate the average person looking for a legitimate work at home opportunity loses an average of $1,785 to scammers’ pockets. And the time wasted, the grief endured, and the lost income you could have made while falling prey to such scams is immeasurable.

Here’s The Good News! 32 of the 173 websites we reviewed (18.4% of them) were researched, tested, and determined to be legitimate, safe, and to deliver on their moneymaking promises!” — Site Review Authority

Do Your Homework and Survive

There are blogs and review sites that honestly evaluate business opportunities online and present actual results by the staff or consultants. You can go to a search engine and insert the keywords that interest you, i.e., “business making money online,” and it will bring up several sites if such offers. You may want to visit some of the sites that interest you, take some notes, then go to review sites/blogs and get the comments of other seekers and professionals.

This will assist you in deciding which are legitimate and narrow down your selection process.

Proven, Established and Successful Alternatives

The other option is to identify a home business that provides good long term income from an established system with proven income sources. The best home business will provide step-by-step Internet marketing guide, multiple income streams, a proven success guide, a proven email follow-up system and Total Support!

Do your research and locate the company that has a long history of performance and you have found the system that is worth your time and investment. You want to commit to an established proven system or program, not one of those fly-by-night scams that offer promises of over-night wealth. The reputable firms present a stable long-time business that shows you how to generate $1,000’s Online Every Single Month with this passive residual income. That’s the answer!

Perhaps such proven programs number in the “precious few” category, but they are out there for you. Once you have found one, then, and only then do you start the next phrase of this successful journey.

Marketing and Promotion

“Build it and they will come,” may apply to some offline developments, but on the Internet there are established rules that MUST be adhered to for success in getting any visitors- more importantly targeted traffic.

There are both short-term and temporary expensive fixes to your site promotion. Guaranteed traffic, pop-unders, banner ads, and AdWords are the most popular of these interim solutions. However, if you desire long-term permanent visitors to your web site, you must do something more.

Most people think spending time on trying to promote is a waste. They want a quick fix. But the truth is that the long-term solution to your site promotion and trying to generate traffic to your site, product or service is going to take WORK.

The marketing plan is to build permanent traffic to your site while building your “list.” ALL the successful marketers and programs preach this approach, and will tell you this is how they generate their passive income. Because once you reach the peak, you will be at the top of the search engines and the work is realized. But, it requires a commitment to the plan. To implement the plan you need several tools and a “game plan.”

Tools include a lead generating/capture page(s) to build the list, an autoresponder to communicate with the list and promote your product, program or service, some writing skills, and a short learning curve on other marketing techniques. The truth is there is no one answers to all your marketing and promotion needs, but there are those that are proven and should be utilized to eliminate the need for other on-going advertising expenses.

Many spend big dollars on guaranteed visitors to their web site, but it is a fact that most buyers do not make a purchase until being exposed to an offer 7 nor more times. You buy 10,000 or 50,000 visitors to your site and have a 1-2 % sales rate. I can tell you from experience you are losing money with this investment. The bad part about it, you don’t know who the visitors are or if they did more than click your URL, or link.

The mistake we all make to start is sending them to our web site. If you had sent them to your lead capture page, at least you would have them in your autoresponder and receiving your messages. They are more likely to obligate themselves from there. Otherwise they may never return to your web site. So, initially you want to get them to that page with a free offer, a newsletter, an e-book, or other attraction that gets their name and email address into the system.

Commit yourself to 2-4 months of building your business making money online and you will find the traffic will come. Build your permanent links on the Internet and then you have major traffic to your site for those seeking to derive long-term income online. The purpose of this program is to help you establish your web site on the search engines so that you start getting FREE high quality natural search “targeted” traffic.