Site Promotion is Business Promotion

Go to virtually any trade show and you are likely to find all the pens, yardsticks, key chains, cups, plastic bags, magnet and handheld fans you will need.

Each items is prepared especially to present the booth visitor with an impression of a specific business.

Company colors are used in the giveaway product and the staff will typically wear polo or t-shirts that are emblazoned with the company logo and colors. Bags are filled with brochure information, window stickers and other promotional products.

Today's trade shows are different than they were ten years ago – at least in one respect. Ten years ago the primary information on most of these promotional items was the business name, address and phone number.

Now? Well, website and email contact information is often considered more valuable to both customers and business owners.

Most business owners know that the Internet has changed the way most people view business. No longer do customers need to come to a brick and mortar location first to discover if the business really has what they need.

From the comfort of home an individual can take the promotional item they received at a trade show and use the information to log onto the website to take a look. It is possible they can even order an item without ever needing to visit the showroom.

On the refrigerator of many homes you will find some promotional magnets holding up pictures of children, grandchildren, inspirational news articles and other memories. Sure the magnet serves a utilitarian purpose, but it also provides a reminder of a business they might need.

Every time a woman reaches into her purse and grabs a promotional pen she is briefly reminded of the company she received it from.

You see, site promotion tools aren't limited to the internet. The web certainly has a prominent role in site promotion, but you shouldn't rely exclusively on web-based promotion to reach consumers.

Site promotion is business promotion. When you promote your site you are promoting your business.

Since the paradigm has shifted from in-store visits to online perusal it has become easier for the consumer to recognize the control they have in buying decisions. Make sure that the site you send customers to is more than a glorified business card. Consumers should have a feel for what you have available and, in a best-case scenario, be able to make a purchase of a desired product online.

If your not accessing the power of offline promotion in your site promotion plans, maybe it's time to take another look.